6.1.1 mission vision pdf
Vision Mision

महाविद्यालय का उद्देश्य :

  • 1)   Promotion of higher education in rural area.

    2)   To provide employment-orientededucation to the young students of rural areas.

    3)   Connecting village students to global knowledge in this era of global village concept.

    4)   Development of discipline, reasoning, scientific consciousness, self-discipline and excellence of conduct in the students.

    5)   To empower the students of weaker section of the society.

Vision (दृष्टिकोण) –  

        1)     To provide low-cost quality higher education to the students of socially and economically weaker sections of the society.

        2)     To increase the participation of women in every sphere of life by educating them.

        3)     To make relentless efforts for the liberation and empowerment of young women of the region by imparting knowledge to them.

        4)     Sustainable Education Development of Girls’ rular & Tribal area. 

Mission (लक्ष्य) – 

        1)     To promote equality education.

        2)     To ensure exposure to the development in diverse disciplines.

        3)     To promote girls' education so that their participation in society, politics and economic sphere increases immensely.

        4)     To enhance skills in the students by providing computer learning.

        5)     To carry out need based and value-based education for the community.

Three Basic Dimension (मूलभूत आयाम) –

1)    Academic Excellence (शैक्षणिक उत्कृष्टता)

2)     Personality Development (व्यक्तित्व विकास)

3)    Social Orientation (सामाजिक उन्मुखीकरण)