INTRODUCTION:- Sociology is the study of social life changes to the social causes and consequences of human behavior It trains student to grasp the social structure process,map the dynamics of social change and collective experiences in their proper social context

VISION:- To develop in understanding of sociological behaviors among the students and train them for the betterment of society
To develop a sense of social economic and civic responsible towards each and other which will contribute towards their educational,social and economic well being

MISSION:- Our department promote scientific understandings of social life and service Our aim to develop robust sociological imaginations and critical thinking in our students Overall it helps contributing to the quality of life

The department of sociology came in to existence in 1991. Started with 80 students in its resent stage presently the strength has reached to 350-400 students. Amongst all social sciences, sociology is one of the most coveted streams. Since its inception the department has pioneered in providing quality education and has thus produced scholars, intellectuals and educationists.Eminent professors and distinguished scholars from other universities have contributed in disseminating knowledge to our student.