INTRODUCTION:- Chemistry is one of the significant branch of science which is essential for the existence of life It is with pride that our department was started as B Sc Chemistry in the year of 2016-17 The demand for doing chemistry among the student is increasing year by year This is revealed by seeing the increase in number of applications received by the candidates every year for our B Sc students, the curriculum is going to introduce many innovative papers like polymer chemistry, environmental studies in addition to basic papers like general chemistry, organic,inorganic and physical chemistry which will help the students in mastering the principles and fundamental of chemistry to develop various skill to face competitive world, to make awareness about the natural resources, bio diversity, ecosystem, environmental pollution, social issues and problems etc The knowledge of these topics will make the students to lead a sustainable life

VISION:- To impact quality education in the subject of chemistry to girl students mainly coming from the rural background
To motivate higher studies and self confidence among female graduates
To mold our girls student as good academician and researchers with better conduct and character to take up jobs in educational institutions and research laboratories

MISSION:-To provide sound theoretical and knowledge in all branches of chemistry
To develop necessary skills required for the grooming chemical industries
To train our students to excel in teaching, research and share their expertise in chemistry with the community

The department of Chemistry in Govt. Indaru Kenwat Girls College Kanker was established .Graduation level classes (B.Sc.) are being conducted in Chemistry Department. The main aim of the Chemistry department is to present the science in simplest form so as to make it interesting and attractive to the students. However to keep pace with present day demand in terms of development in teaching methods and in quality education the department is endeavoring its best to keep on upgrading infrastructural facilities and academic program.