INTRODUCTION:- The department of political science invites students to develop the analytical skills necessary to achieve excellence in their areas of study Our department curriculum is unique within country, covering almost areas of political studies and offers in depth in comparative politics study

VISION:- To representing a comprehensive range of academic approaches and the department faculty
Address questions of political philosophy, democratization and regime change, constitutional politics,political economy media,voting behavior,party politics,human rights and Europeanization in a comparative manner

MISSION:- To make the students cultivate critical thinking and build rigorous and persuasive arguments
To help students acquire practical experience and develop connections in the community through a variety of internship to instill reflective and innovative perspective to learning and problem solving

The department of Political Science in Govt. Indaru Kenwat Girls College Kanker was establishment of College. Graduation level classes (B.A.) are being conducted in Political Science Department. The Department of Political Science is working to provide the best educational opportunities to the students as well as to develop the ability to live in the competitive era. Every year, the students are welcomed with the spirit of developing knowledge and talent along with the subject matter in the department. In the department, it is trying to motivate the students to make teaching activity creative and develop new ideas. Programs such as group discussions, seminars, instantaneous speeches and writing work on the course are encouraged on various topics / points. The Political Department also emphasizes that it is also necessary to understand the immediate national, international, regional and local type of political events. In the Department of Politics, the study of state government, government institutions, election system, party system, political behavior, constitution, judiciary etc. is being done in a broader way.