INTRODUCTION:- Home Science is both a science and an art related field of study which draws upon many disciplines such as chemistry,physics,physiology,biology,hygiene,economics,rural development,sociology and family relations,community living,art,food,nutrition,clothing,textiles and home management To a lay man it is a subject about home making and household chores The study of Home Science deals with the most vital aspects of modern house keeping Home science, or the science of a home, in simple words includes all the things that concern yourself,your home, your family members and your resources It aims at getting maximum satisfaction for you and your family members through the efficient and scientific use of your resources

VISION:- Provision of healthy and motivating environment for all round development of students
To inculcate talent and skills for better entrepreneurship
Empowering women, Multifaceted personality development

MISSION:-To create state of the art facilities to assure quality of education/knowledge and achieve excellence
To develop youngsters with high moral ethics and professional values
To offer wide spectrum of programmes through various extension services to society to improve quality of life